Discover Which Instagram Features Are Effective For Marketing

Discover Which Instagram Features Are Effective For Marketing

The user base of Instagram has been growing tremendously since the release of amazing features in the app. It’s turning into a social platform that marketers can’t take lightly as they can have a huge fan following they won’t want to miss. It’s because of these interesting Instagram features, that brands are able to catch the attention of the masses without spending dollars. How? By making use of the app’s integral features you can automatically increase your visibility and do effective marketing for your brand or business. 

However, some big companies have been seen leaning on buying Instagram impressions because they need a huge audience on their business profile that’s sometimes not possible via organic marketing. 

So without further ado, let’s get straight to the famous Instagram marketing features.


It’s one of the most lovable features of Instagram, especially among youth. These filters are available to use for both Instagram posts and stories. Though Insta stories have a wide collection of filters, post filters are a little bit different. However, both of them assist you to show your brand’s image and iconic style to your audience. They’ll be able to pick your theme, objective, and above all the signature look that gives you identity.


Do you know thenew Instagram algorithm is analyzing your content for impressions based on the engagement under your video posts? Because recent studies revealed that video content receives more engagement from users than photos. Hence now, brands are more into sharing video content to drive traffic to their page. 

Post Videos

Post videos are somehow similar to post images where you can share a series of clips in one post, adding captions under the post, writing a description, tagging relevant accounts/pages, along with a location. The limit for posting videos is 60 seconds. These brief yet interactive videos can build users’ interest to watch your videos often. 

Live Videos

Live videos are great to promote real-time interactionand acknowledgment. Since they’re live, they won’t last anywhere on your account to watch later by the audience, once you ended. However, they help in anticipating your audience hours or a day-long before you actually go live if you announce it beforehand in your stories. This way, you can expect to have a significant audience before youat the given time. 


IGTV (i.e. Instagram TV) allows you to share videos of several minutes up to an hour. The condition to make your IGTV successful is to shoot videos that can catch attention readily in the first few minutes and also retain the viewer till the end. 


Instagram stories have been quite interactive, fun-filled, and easy ways to draw customers’ attention to your brand. A 10-second story that’ll disappear after 24 hours is showing up responsible to bring more followers to your page. You can also use its stickers to share a wide variety of content. 

Stories Videos

Stories videos last for 15 seconds and have the potential to bring more engagement to your account. You can use this feature to create a pretty short yet meaningful clip to elaborate your brand’s motto. 

Stories Highlights

Since regular stories are expired after a day, you can use this feature to keep your important stories accessible all-time on your account. By saving stories having necessary information about your brand, FAQs, promotions, and giveaway winners you can encourage visitors to keep checking your highlights. Hashtags, stickers, hyperlinks, and many other popular features of Instagram can help you achieve your marketing goals. You can consider buying IG impressions to gear up your visibility and reach from the beginning. However, remember to choose the authentic resource since every cent counts.

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